Raccoons are true omnivores, eating everything that looks good. They are nature’s finest opportunists, taking advantage of their incredible dextral skills to secure safe housing and excelling in expert foraging abilities. Although raccoons can be found living almost anywhere in New England, they are skilled climbers and prefer to nest in attics and chimneys, which provide cover and warmth. They are remarkably strong animals and are quite capable of pulling apart plastic soffits, shingles, and rake boards in order to gain entry into attic areas.

Once inside the attic, raccoons can do a considerable amount of damage to the insulation and ceiling board. A typical family of raccoons consists of 5 to 9 members, which collectively can generate a great deal of fecal matter within the attic. Not only is this condition an enormous health problem for the occupants of the home, but the smell can be almost unbearable. Before attempting repair to the areas where the animals are entering, the raccoons must be humanely live trapped and removed from the site.
Humane animal removal service in Sherman, CT
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